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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Hiring Process with QMR's Pre-Hire Support Program

Why Choose QMR's Pre-Hire Support Program?

In today's competitive job market, finding and retaining top talent is more challenging than ever. Quantus Management Resources (QMR) offers a solution that ensures you make the right hiring decision every time.

The Problem:

  • Too often, companies invest time and resources into hiring, only to discover that new employees fall short of expectations. This not only impacts productivity but also incurs significant costs.

The Solution:

  • Try it Before You Buy it!

Our Pre-Hire Support Program provides a strategic approach to confirm an applicant’s qualifications through a probationary work period. Here’s How it Benefits YOUR organization:

Confirm Candidate Commitment:

  • Ensure the candidate’s genuine interest in your opportunity over others.


Evaluate Performance and Fit:

  • Adequate time to assess work performance and deliverables.

  • Determine compatibility with your team and work culture.


Minimize Risk:

  • Avoid “Employer of Record” responsibilities, such as employee benefits expense or payroll management, until you're ready to make a permanent hiring decision.

  • Reduce exposure to legal liabilities like unemployment claims, wrongful termination lawsuits, and tax audits.

Recommended Contract Durations:

To maximize the effectiveness of our Pre-Hire Support Program, we recommend the following probationary periods based on job level:

  • Non-Management Level: 480 Hrs.  (3 Months)

  • Manager Level: 640 Hrs.  (4 Months)

  • Director & VP Level: 960 Hrs.  (6 Months)

  • C-Suite Level: 1,920 Hrs.  (11 Months)

Transform your hiring process with QMR's Pre-Hire Support Program. For more information, call us at 508.289.1620 or Schedule a Meeting.

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