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Time can be an ally or enemy when making crucial business decisions. This is especially true when trying to form the right mix of talent to create high performing teams. Outlined below are some essential benefits your business can receive by integrating “Work Interviews” into your Applicant Screening & New Hire On-boarding Process:     


  • NO HIGH FEES – Since You/The Client Oversee Recruiting, your Cost Per Hire is equivalent to a Regular Employee w/Benefits & NO CONVERSION FEES AFTER 600 Hrs./15 Wks. have been completed by the Contractor/Candidate!   


  • AVOID IRS/GOVT. AUDITS & ENORMOUS PENALTIES for UNPAID Taxes & More due to IMPROPER WORKER CLASSIFICATION by Allowing Our Firm to Take on the Role of “Employer of Record”.      


  • REDUCE YOUR EXPOSURE TO UNEMPLOYMENT LIABILITIES Such as Workers Compensation, Increasing Unemployment Claims & Taxes, even “Wrongful Termination” Lawsuits & More by having the Candidate serve as a Contractor of QMR.  


  • MORE TIME TO ASSESS WORK CONTRIBUTION – Greater Flexibility to Evaluate the quality of Candidate Performances "On the Job" in addition to determining if They're a Natural fit with Your Team & Work Culture prior to any Final Direct Hire Commitment/s.