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Below Outlines Some Important Service Benefits Your Organization Can Receive from Integrating Work Interviews into Your Applicant/Candidate Vetting Process:     


  • VIRTUALLY NO COST – Your cost per hire is capped at a 38% Mark Up (40% Mark Up, CA Only) with NO CONVERSION FEES AFTER 1,040 Hours (25 Wks.) have been Completed by the Contractor/Candidate! NOTE: the cost is approximate to healthcare benefits coverage per FT Employee.   


  • AVOID IRS/GOVT. AUDITS & ENORMOUS PENALTIES for UNPAID Taxes & More due to IMPROPER WORKER CLASSIFICATION by Allowing Our Firm to Take on the Role of “Employer of Record”.      


  • REDUCE YOUR EXPOSURE TO UNEMPLOYMENT LIABILITIES Such as Workers Compensation, Unemployment Claims/Taxes, and “Wrongful Termination” Suits by Assigning Candidates/New hires to QMR as Contract Employees.  


  • MORE TIME TO ASSESS WORK PERFORMANCE – Evaluate each Candidates’ On the Job Work Performance as well as their ability to fit in with your Team Culture before any Final Hiring Commitments are made. 

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