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A contractor MUST work a minimum of 1,080 hours for the client to receive NO charge at the time of conversion. The conversion fee will be based on 25% of the employee’s annual salary MINUS any previously accrued work hours completed by the contractor and invoices paid by the CLIENT up to the date of conversion. 

NOTE: Fees are contingent upon all invoices being current & up to date at the time of conversion. Below is our standard % rate for converting Contractors to Permanent Employees based on calendar days:  

  • Less than 60 calendar days

  • From 61 to 120 calendar days

  • From 121 to 180 calendar days

  • More than 180 calendar days

  • 25% of the annual salary

  • 20% of the annual salary

  • 15% of the annual salary

  • No conversion fee

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