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Quantus Management Resources (QMR) understands that having the right talent mix is critical to any organizations' success. By leveraging this approach, we believe its essential to encourage a Partner rather than a Service Provider Relationship with our Clients. The Retained Search Solutions model allows us to both maximize our collaboration and increase the consistency of qualitative outcomes.    

Below outlines the Retained Search engagement process:


PHASE IResearch & Profile Evaluation


QMR assists with forming a Selection Committee (includes 2 or more stakeholders/employees). The Selection Committee will oversee & support the entire search process. The process begins with:  


  • Assessing Department &/or Project Needs.

  • Qualifying & Approving job profiles & responsibilities

PHASE II Candidate Search & Selection 


Upon the completion of Phase I, the intial search deployment begins with producing higher quality applicants early in the process. Phase II is outlined below:  


  1. Candidate Sourcing - A comprehensive search to identify & target qualified passive applicants.

  2. Candidate Pre-Screening - Targets Applicants that meet "MUST HAVE" Skills Qualifications.  

  3. Interviewing - Top tier Candidates are selected to undergo a comprehensive Q&A session.

  4. Selection - Copies of the candidate/applicant dossiers are provided to selection committee for further review & consideration.

PHASE IIIOffer/Rejection, Accept/Decline & Limited On Boarding 


QMR works with the Selection Committee to complete the search. The final steps:


  • Present an Offer/Rejection notice to Candidate on behalf of the client or hiring authority  

  • Inform client/hiring authority of Candidates' Acceptance/Rejection of Offer

  • Manage the transition of New hire into the company with any additional recommendations.

  • Conclude the Search.


NOTE: QMR guarantees to generate a quality selection of candidates and work vigorously to achieve a successful project conclusion.

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