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Ready to hire but need to confirm you’ve made the right choice. Quantus Management Resources (QMR) provides contract-to-hire talent acquisition solutions to help businesses identify the right candidates for their job requirements.    

This is a low-risk option that allows you to evaluate an individual’s work performance before making a FT hiring commitment.

What is Our Process?

  • We work closely with you to create profiles that help identify candidates who match your specific professional criteria.

  • Once identified, we screen each candidate thoroughly to assess skillset & culture fit as well as determine their ability to contribute to your company’s immediate & long-term objectives as a FT employee.

  • Once a preselection is made, we conduct a series of reference & background checks as a final confirmation before candidates start assignments.     

What is the Cost of QMRs Contract-to-Hire TA Solutions?


Our cost structure is based on a sliding scale conversion fee rate. In short, there’s NO upfront recruiting cost to you; you simply pay for the hours worked by the contractor at the agreed upon hourly bill rate. The longer the contractor is on assignment, the lower the employment contract conversion fee is for your new employee.

Click Here for Contract to Hire Conversion Fee Rates

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