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  • Take on ALL Employer of Record Responsibilities (Ex.: Processing W4’s, I9’s, Payroll Mgt., Employee Benefits, Taxes, Background Checks, etc.)!

  • Offer Associates the Ability to Participate in 401K Retirement Plans.

  • Expand Your Access to a Wider & More Diverse Pool of Prospective Applicants. 

  • Allow New/Existing (Salaried or Hourly) Associates to Join a National Healthcare Purchasing Network That Makes Quality Benefits Available at a REDUCED COST! 

  • Reduce Your Unemployment Liabilities & Legal Claims (Example: Unemployment Taxes or Wrongful Terminations Suits) That Could Mean the Difference Between Having a Business or Going Out of Business!

  • Offer You Peace of Mind from Unpaid Taxes that Could Trigger Govt. Audits Due to Improper Worker Classification.

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