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Here are some important benefits to outsourcing your sales & business development workforce:

  • TIME TO ASSESS WORK PERFORMANCE – This addresses any potential short falls resulting from bad hiring decisions and gives you 6 months to one year to evaluate an individual’s performance in real time & determine if they’re able to help you fulfill your company’s immediate & long-term revenue objectives.


  • REDUCE UNEMPLOYMENT LIABILITIES Such as Workers Compensation, Unemployment Claims/Taxes, and “Wrongful Termination” Suits which typically come with the responsibilities connected to the “Employer of Record”. The opposite is also true with managing payroll and HR Admin duties.

  • DEDICATED BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT provides you with highly skilled professionals committed to leveraging their industry knowledge & relationships to identify new opportunities to generate more revenue for your business. You also have the added flexibility of changing personnel should X factors require you to course correct your BD strategy.

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