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  1. Take on ALL “Employer of Record” Responsibilities (Ex.: Processing W4’s, I9’s, Payroll Mgt., Employee Benefits, Taxes, Background Checks, etc.)!

  2. Provide Associates Access to Participate in a 401K Retirement Plan.

  3. Expand Your Access to a Wider & More Diverse Pool of Applicant Candidates. 

  4. Allow New/Existing (Salaried or Hourly) Associates to Join a National Healthcare Purchasing Network That Makes Quality Benefits Available at a Reduced Cost! 

  5. Reduce Your Exposure to Unemployment Liabilities & Legal Costs (Ex.: Unemployment Taxes or Wrongful Terminations) That Could Mean the Difference Between Being in Business or Going Out of Business!

  6. Offer You Peace of Mind from Unpaid Taxes that Could Trigger Govt. Audits Due to Improper Worker Classification.